Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jarvis Bike Lanes- Political Speak

On May 26 I wrote a letter to Mayor Dave. I just wanted to know why council approved bike lanes for Jarvis St even though they were not in the official "Toronto Bike Plan" and when would we get some lanes extended on Lakeshore in Etobicoke. Here is the official response from his assistant Mae Lee

Mr Nevitt:

Thank you for your continuous support of environmentally friendly alternate travel mode. With regards to bike lanes in Lakeshore west, Transportation Services will respond directly to you regarding plans for specific area.

The Toronto Bike Plan establishes a vision for cycling in Toronto. The Plan sets out integrated principles, objectives and recommendations regarding safety, education and promotional programs as well as cycling related infrastructure, including a comprehensive bikeway network. I encourage you to continue working with your local City Councillor in the next steps for your area.

For more information:

311 - 24 hours after June 19

Office of Mayor David Miller

There is no answer to the original question and after sending six more reminders to Mae I never did receive an answer from her or the transportation department.

Typical Toronto

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