Friday, July 31, 2009

Council Meeting Observations

I only got to watch the meeting after the lunch break but the one thing I did notice was how Mayor Dave never answers the questions put to him. He actually refused to answer any of Karen Stintz's questions.

The vote just in 21 -17 in favour of approving the contract. I wonder why 7 councilors did not show up for the meeting?

Some Observations during speeches
- Gord Perks is a rude obnoxious bastard, I got to watch him snicker and make snide comments on camera while the councilor sitting in front of him was speaking.
- Pam McConnel talked about her wonderful vacation in the US but she did arrive back in town in time for the vote.
- Raymond Cho spent his 5 minutes thanking everybody including Home Depot
- Janet Davis spent her 5 minutes contradicting herself." We went into bargaining talks hard line demanding a 0% increase for 3 years" ," the grandfathering of the sick bank was on the table in March" I find it hard to believe she is on the "Executive Committee"
-Case Ootes gave an eloquent speech and refuted all of Mayor Dave's comments from yesterdays press conference.


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