Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fair Affordable Effective Delivery

Now let's find a way to settle a collective agreement that is fair and affordable,and allows Toronto to effectively deliver public services.
Mayor Dave's Twitter post June 28


A new collective agreement will not help you effectively deliver public services. In order to accomplish that you will also need to have responsible and effective management something that is sorely lacking in the city of Toronto.
Here is one example of the many management problems from the latest auditor general's report regarding audits of Toronto Water in July 2007
Auditor's Recommendation
The General Manager, Toronto Water Division, direct that detailed overtime analyses be performed to determine whether the amount of overtime is reasonable and necessary in the wastewater plants. Such overtime analyses should identify reasons for overtime and trends among work areas and positions within the plants.
This is what happened
The Plant Managers were not given a specific directive regarding the performance of overtime analyses. Current overtime analyses performed by the plants provide basic information, which does not identify trends among work areas and positions, but does alert plant management to unusual increases in overtime.
Reasons for overtime are documented and reviewed by the Team Coordinator and Plant Manager as each instance occurs.
Auditor's Recommendation
The General Manager, Toronto Water Division, ensure that the staff in the Toronto Water Division are aware of their responsibilities relating to the attendance management program and require that employee absenteeism is regularly monitored in accordance with City policy.
This is what happened
Although management staff were reminded of their responsibilities relating to the attendance management program, audit testing found a lack of documented evidence to show that the attendance management program was being followed consistently.

Dave you have some serious management problems why not try solving some to them. Then you can tell us your version of a fair contract.

The only thing you talk about is the sick bank and wages. I am sure there are other issues on the table but you have decided not to publicize these issues. Might they make you look bad?

Dave while you are at it how about that "little organic waste problem" you are having. Maybe you should re-calculate you waste diversion problems.

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